MedConnection’s iPharmacy app can lead to time saving and, possibly, to life saving.

According to surveys reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), trends indicate that non-medical use of prescription drugs by teenagers continues. NIDA defines non-medical use as “taking a prescription medication that is not prescribed for you, or taking it for reasons or in dosages other than as prescribed.”

iPharmacy Pill ID can identify pill by imprint, color and shape

1. The pill identifier app will save time in every situation where youth has in their possession or has ingested a pill. School officials, law enforcement, emergency-response personnel, and the staff at youth substance abuse and rehabilitation centers, just to name a few, have long relied upon often-outdated drug manuals, calls to a hospital or pharmacy, or time-wasting internet searches to determine exactly what substance a student or client has in their pocket or — worse yet — has ingested.

2. The pill identifier app will help your staff prepare accurate and timely substance-abuse education information for their clients. There’s no longer any need to search for the most comprehensive information; it’s all available in one place. Substance-abuse education remains one of the best means of prevention today. Let your staff spend their time on educaton and not on internet searches!

3. The pill identifier app will help your staff provide updated information to the Court, physicians,and parents about the substances their clients are using. Recipients will appreciate the timely, updated information as they review the client’s status.
With the pill identifier application available from MedConnections, Inc., your staff will have ready access to 10,000 pill and package images as well as medication guidance for more than 20,000 FDA-approved drugs.

Don’t let staff waste another time-consuming or frightening moment trying to identify a pill. Contact us today for information about this life-saving application for iPhone and Android devices.

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  1. milk-bar-locator says:

    This pill id app is great! The high resolution images help us IDed controlled substance. No wonder it is recommended for officers with smartphones.