You wake up and it’s there! The stuffy head and the aching body! Time to breakout with some of your Mom’s and Grandma’s old family remedies and treatments! Here is our list of top 10 Home Remedies for Cold and Flu relief treatments.

#10      Good Old Fashioned Chicken Soup! – That’s right, Jewish Penicillin your Grandmother’s Old Fashioned Chicken Soup! Packed with plenty of nutrients and it’s warm, clear broth hits the spot for raw throats and upset tummies! No time to cook? We recommend Progresso Homemade Chicken Soup.

# 9       Vick’s vaporub on the chest and upper lip may be overkill for some so this remedy used long ago, take vaporub and put it on the bottom of your feet liberally and wear socks when you go to sleep, you will get all the benefits without the overkill of menthol.

# 8       Steam- One of the best expectorants for a relentless sinus or chest cold, add aromatherapy essential oils in a spritzer into a steamy shower or hot bath or a pot of boiling water or a humidifier*.

#7        Lemon juice, or slice of raw lemon is best and honey from your local growers (helps with allergy symptoms long term)  with a bit of your favorite brandy or liquor will calm any cough and help with a restful night.

#6        Coffee Bath Detox- It’s not just for breakfast anymore! Make a very strong full pot of coffee and pour it into a tub full of tepid to warm water. Soak in it for 20 mins. Repeat for three days. Coffee used internally in colonic cleanses is also highly recommended. Coffee has a natural ability to draw toxins from the body!

# 5       Ginger/Baking Soda/ Epsom Salt/ 7up for stomach relief- Ginger in the raw or in ginger ale is a great natural remedy for gassy or upset tummy, Baking Soda is great for a natural antacid and Epsom Salt will relieve bowel issues and 7 up will help with nausea.

# 4       Increase your supplements to build your immune system back up! – Get your motor running by making sure you take your vitamins and supplements like extra vitamin C and B’s and Zinc and supplement with a great Echinacea/goldenseal supplement!

# 3       Teas- Increased fluids are a must and fruit juices could be too rough on the digestive system while ill and water gets boring for most of us and milk and dairy products are not recommended as they increase phlegm production, so warm teas such as a wonderful set of medicinal teas by Celestial Seasonings are perfect for a stuffy head.

# 2       Onions & Garlic- Leave bowls in rooms all over the house filled with onions or garlic to help reduce the spreading or reinfection of virus’. There are attractants in the oils of onions and garlic which absorb these virus’ and germs out of the air and trap them within the bulb. Do not eat these they will turn brown or black, throw them away and replace all year round to keep the cooties away!

#1        The number one best remedy for a cold or flu is …. Drum roll please! REST!!!

There is no cure like good old fashioned sleep and relaxation to help our bodies recharge and fight off any foreign bodies which may want to move in for good.

Remember we are not doctors, and any medical condition should be checked out by a doctor so if it’s persistent or you find that they symptoms become more severe in anyway we insist you seek medical advice and evaluation! These recommendations are for entertainment purposes only and should not be viewed as medical advice in any way. We wish you good health and happiness always.

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