Vision and Mission

A healthier lifestyle on the go


MedConnections’s committed to making the world a healthier place. We believe that the best health decisions incorporate community insight, world-class data and expert knowledge. Our award-winning mHealth platform delivers improved wellbeing worldwide.


We provide consumers with world-class health information, including medically-validated answers to your individual health questions. We provide the tools you need to better understand your health, locate the best medical facilities, and make improved health decisions.


We’re active in the mHealth industry, which has seen us become a trusted resource for health care professionals. A growing user base of healthcare professionals – nurses, medical students, pharmacists and physicians – use our mobile apps to better serve their patients and solidify their reputation online.


At MedConnections, we believe access to quick, reputable health resources is essential. Our mobile apps allow you to create easy-to-read charts and graphs to track your health, which can be transmitted to health professionals with your permission.


In our own small way we’re helping to bring equality to healthcare. mHealth raises quality of care, reduces costs and saves time for both consumers and medical professionals.