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“This is the mother of all medical information apps, with more than a million users already. iPharmacy includes a database of more than 20,000 medications, along with photos and dosage guidance, to help you learn more about the medications your doctor has prescribed. The app also offers reminders to take medication and tips on how to save money on the prescriptions you purchase.”


“The iPharmacy app is a handy medication reference tool that doubles as an on-the-go medication management system. It’s a useful and convenient app for healthcare professionals and consumers alike.”


“Do you have a plethora of pills to take every day? Are you constantly getting them mixed up in your pill container? One of the key features of the free iPharmacy Drug Guide and Pill ID Android app is to help identify pills in your collection. This handy Android app helps identify miscellaneous pills by inscription, shape, and color as well as provide adverse reactions that might happen from taking the pill unnecessarily or from accidentally mixing with another medication.

Also, you can use this smart Android app to find the best prices on your medications from pharmacies near you. The iPharmacy app provides real-time price comparisons at local pharmacies so you never overpay for your pills. This includes prices from major pharmacy chains plus information on coupons, discount cards, and weekly shopping deals.”



        • iPharmacy appeared on New York TimesComing Next: Using an App as Prescribed“ (08/20/12).  “It is intuitive to people, the idea of a prescription,” said Lee H. Perlman, managing director of Happtique, a subsidiary of the business arm of the Greater New York Hospital Association. Happtique is creating a system to allow doctors to prescribe apps, and Mr. Perlman suggested that a change in the way people think about medicine might be required: “We’re basically saying that pills can also be information, that pills can also be connectivity.”
          iPharmacy on Happtique
        • iPharmacy is among the  ”Top 12 iPhone, iPad Medical Apps to be Always Healthy” by Technically Personal, one of the top technology blogs on the web with focus on personal and consumer technology. (08/15/12)

“One of the best medication guides on the iStore comes to us in the form of this awesome iOS medical app called iPharmacy. Users of this app can enjoy a very well organized pill database, with images and pill finder, but also the top pharmacy deals of the week and gift cards. This app is recommended for both users and medical professionals alike.”

        • iPharmacy is among the “Top 10 Helpful Android Medical Apps“ by Techpp. (08/02/12)

          “Ever wondered what was in your pills? Or what pill to take for a nasty headache? iPharmacy is here to help you with that. A complete database of pills, ingredients and guidelines for each pill is available at your fingertips anytime you need it. Also, if you keep forgetting to take your pills at the subscribed hour, know that this app will take care of that by letting you set up a pill schedule and notify you when the time comes.”

        • iPharmacy is among the  ”Top 5 iOS apps for hypochondriacs” by Gear Burn. (07/03/12)

“Rummaging through a friend’s bathroom and find some unlabeled pills? It’s your lucky day! iPharmacy allows you to identify pills of all types. You can describe the pills by shape and inscription, and it even has a bar code scanner if you so happen to have one to scan. If you come across something that isn’t in the app, well, then your friend is doing something illegal.”



“Just some Tylenol you say? This product can be useful when you need to accurately identify pills and quickly reference different medications in the field.”

iPharmacy can help officers identify suspicious pills! Others Top 10 mentioned apps are Police Spanish Guide, First Aid, U.S. Cop, Vehicle Identification System, PocketCop, Digital Terrorism & Hate, iCrime-Fighter LE and NVLS Mobile companion.

“iPharmacy is an awesome app from MedConnections Inc which boasts information about more than 20000 commonly prescribed drugs. It has great features like inbuilt medication guide, medication reminder, prescription reference, ratings and much more. The best thing about this app is that it has images of more than 12,000 pill and package. Definitely a worth having app.”